Alyssa and Jon had known each other for years, and the attraction had always been there. But Alyssa had been living with Matthew, so as the years went by, they just saw each other at various social occasions. Then Matthew and Alyssa broke up. The breakup was hard on Alyssa, and she became reclusive, staying home as much as possible and avoiding anyone she knew. A few months of that and her friend Susan had had enough. One evening she showed up and bullied Alyssa into going to the new bar in town. Alyssa was nursing a Pepsi, wishing she was at home, when seemingly out of nowhere she felt herself being picked up and boisterously hugged. “Alyssa!” Jon said joyfully, his hard arms squeezing her tightly. “Jon.” Alyssa answered lamely, struggling to free herself from his strong arms. After a short pause, Jon put her down, and stood back, his eyes critically running over her. Alyssa was dressed in a simple pair of  jeans and a soft cotton t-shirt, her curly black hair in a long braid down her back. Deliberately Jon caught her gaze, holding it till she blushed and dropped her eyes in confusion. “Where’s Matthew?” Jon asked, his gray eyes searching the crowd for the familiar figure. Alyssa shrugged her shoulder defensively and looked at her feet. “We broke up.” she muttered. Jon's eyes zeroed in on her, gleaming in pleasure. “Oh, you did, did you?” he said smugly. Alyssa shivered at the intensity of his gaze. “Scoot over.” he ordered. Startled, Alyssa hastened to comply, allowing him to press next to her in the small area. Casually, Jon slid his arm behind her shoulders, in what should have been an unthreatening gestured, but for some reason wasn’t. His body radiating warmth, constantly reminding her that he was so close.


“Two shots of Jack.” Jon ordered from a passing waitress. A few seconds later the shot glasses were plunked them on the table, the waitress hanging around long enough to get her money, then bustling onto the next table.


Jon handed Alyssa a shot glass, and picked up his. “A toast.” he said, “To the future.” Jon swallowed the shot in one strong swallow, and Alyssa watched, fascinated at the working of the strong muscles in his neck. He looked at me. “Drink it,” he ordered. “B. . . but I don’t like . . .” she stammered. Instantly the intensity of his gaze was on me again. “Drink it,” he repeated. I swallowed nervously, and downed the whiskey, coughing as it hit the back of my throat. “Good girl.” he murmured. Surprisingly enough, to me that is, I felt myself respond to the approval in his voice. I looked up as my friend returned from her rather long trip to the bathroom. She had a guy behind her, which explained why she’d been gone so long. “Hey, Alyssa, I’m going to go home with Nathan tonight, so don’t worry about giving me a ride home.” Susan grinned cheerfully at Jon. “Jon! Do you mind keeping Alyssa company, tonight?” Jon just nodded, and before I could say anything Susan had left, dragging her friend behind her. Jon looked down at me and smiled, his slow sexy smile, laden with promise. “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, babe.” I flushed, and tried to wiggle away from him, but he just followed until I was at the back of the booth, his legs pressed firmly to mine. He gestured for the waitress to bring us another round. While we were waiting, his hand slid to my shoulder, his hand resting gently on the top of my breast. The waitress put our shot glasses on the table, and this time I downed it without being told. Jon put his glass down, and moved his hand to my thigh. “Good girl.” he whispered in my ear. Once again, I felt that warm flush inside, just from the knowledge that I pleased him. Jon bent his head, and captured my mouth in a slow sweet kiss. I could feel my body softening, and I arched my back to meet his mouth. After a few seconds Jon tore his mouth from mine, and moved his lips back to my ear. “Let’s go, baby.” He stood up, and threw some money on the table, and turned to walk to the door. Almost in a daze, I stood up to follow him out of the bar. I could barely believe I was doing this. I never went home with men that I barely know, but here I was, leaving with Jon. Once we were outside, Jon wrapped his hand possessively around my waist, and held out his hand. “Give me the keys,” he ordered. Dazedly I handed him the keys, and watched as he unlocked the passenger door, opening it to let me in. I pulled my sneakered feet in the car, and it shut gently behind me. Jon walked around to the driver’s side, and climbed in, taking a few minutes to adjust the seat for his long legs. He started the car, and looked over at me. “Take off your pants.” I blushed, opening my mouth to protest, but one look at his eyes, and I shut it, hastening to comply. Somehow I knew that he was not one of those ultra civilized men, who would allow me to recklessly defy them. At the thought I could feel my nipples peak, and my inner muscles clench. Jon watched me slowly pull my jeans down my hips, and over my legs, his eyes glinting at the sight of my bare pussy. “What, no panties?” he asked. I shook my head, and softly answered. “No, they were all dirty.” Jon smiled, and reached out his hand to gently touch my breasts, his rough palms rubbing my tight nipples. I groaned, pushing them into his hand, but his hand moved further down, running over my flat stomach, and down to my pussy. He nudged my thighs with his hand, and obediently I opened my legs, allowing his hand access to my wet pussy. He ran one long finger through me, and I whimpered, pressing myself into his hand, but once again, he ignored my hint. He pulled his hand out of me, and his fingers glinted wetly in the moonlight. Slowly he inserted his fingers in his mouth, and licked the moisture from it. “Mmm.” he said, his eyes boring into mine. I shivered, unable to tear my gaze from his. Jon slowly pulled his fingers from his mouth, and then turned his attention to driving. “Take off your shirt, baby.” he ordered, not even taking his eyes of the road. I blushed, but once again obeyed him. I was finding an incredible peace inside me, just from relinquishing control to him. Jon glanced at me to make sure I’d done as I’d been told, then returned his eyes to the road. I risked one brief look at his cock, and could see the tent it was making in his jeans. I salivated at the thought of his cock in my mouth, cumming endlessly. Jon drove quickly to his house. Luckily enough for me, it was far enough from his neighbors that no one would be able to see me, because he refused to allow me to dress. I scurried inside, the cold night air making my nipples even harder, something I wouldn’t have thought was possible. Jon followed me in, stopping to lock the door behind him, and then pulled me to him, kissing me hungrily. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and arched into his embrace. After awhile he bent over and picked me up, cradling me against his hard wide chest, and carried me up the stairs, and to his bedroom, where he laid me gently on the bedspread, then stood there looking at me. I held my arms out for him, feeling scared and empty when he wasn’t touching me. Jon quickly shed his clothes, revealing a hard, muscular body. My eyes skimmed over him, and widened at the size of his cock. I looked up at him fearfully. “I don’t think . . .” Jon chuckled, and lay back on the bed with me. “Don’t worry, baby, we’ll fit just fine.” His hands gently captured my face in them, holding me still for another mind searing kiss. He ran his hand down my neck, to my chest and then my breast. I groaned, arching my back, as he pinched my nipple, rolling it between his fingers. I whimpered, and shifted, desire rushing through my body, making my pussy spasm, and run with desire. Jon bent his head, and pulled my other nipple into his mouth, and I cried out, pressing my breasts into his face. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was Jon’s mouth against my breast, smiling triumphantly. Jon ran his other hand softly down my body, over my hip, and over to my pussy, I restlessly spread my legs, wanting - no needing to feel his hand touching me. Jon gently cupped me, holding me in his hand. I pressed my pussy to him, needing him to touch me. Jon ran a finger between the lips of my sex, gently rubbing my clit. My body jacked off the mattress at the pleasure shot through me. I whimpered, empty, needing him to fill me, and he responded, pushing first one finger and then two inside me, and then pulled them out, fucking me with his fingers. I moved my hips urgently, encouraging him, needing him to go deeper. He pulled his fingers out, and I cried out, urgently needing him. My eyes opened, and I looked blearily into his. “Who are you?” he asked. I shook my head, not understanding his question. “Who do you belong to?” He ran his finger teasingly over my clit. I whimpered, and arched my hips, but he just laughed tauntingly. “Answer me, Alyssa.” “Yours, yours! I belong to you.” I groaned, desperate to have him fill me, complete me. “And who am I?” I didn’t understand what he wanted. Jon positioned himself between my thighs, holding the tip of his cock at my entrance. I whimpered, trying desperately to push myself onto him, but he held me still with one strong hand on my hip. “Am I your master?” he asked. “Yes, yes,” I groaned. “Say it, tell me.” he ordered. “You. . . you’re my master.” I whimpered. “Please, I need . . . please, master.” “Good girl.” Master whispered, slowly pushing himself into me. I stiffened as he stretched my tight pussy, unaccustomed to someone as big as him, but after a few minutes my muscles relaxed, and my whole world was him, as he filled me, completed me. He pulled out, and pushed back in, and the pleasure welled up, overflowing. I groaned, deep in my throat, as wave after wave of fulfillment hit me. Master set up a steady rhythm that drove me up further and further. I gasped and gave a small screech as another peak hit me. My pussy spasmed on his hard cock, and he stiffened, spewing his cum deep into me. Master collapsed on me, and I savored the weight of his body, a rock in a world that was still spinning. Jon woke me up a few hours later. “Wake up, baby.” he murmured. Sleepily, I opened my eyes, his handsome face coming into focus. Smiling, I wrapped my arms around him. “Is it morning?” Jon chuckled, “Nope.” he said, and pushed his hips into my leg, so that I could feel his hard cock. “I’m not done with you.” My eyes widened. “Again?” I squeaked. Jon smiled and lowered his head. “Again.” he murmured against my lips, giving me a hard, possessive kiss. I kissed him back, feeling my pussy began to throb in desire. Jon pulled back his head, and rolled me to my stomach. While I lay there, missing the feel of his lips, he pushed two pillows under me, his hands brushing against my overly sensitive skin. “Jon?” I whispered, uncertain. Instantly there was a sharp smack to my ass. I cried out in surprise and turned my head to look at him. He was scowling at me, looking stern. “What. . .?” I began. “Who am I?” he asked, his hand held out warningly. When I didn’t answer immediately he smacked my ass again, harder this time. “Who am I?” he repeated, his tone low and controlled. “My . . . my master?” I answered uncertainly, my mind racing Master put out his hand, and soothingly rub my sore ass. “Yes, I am, and you will address me as such, or there will be consequences. Do you understand?” I nodded uncertainly, and jumped when he smacked me again. “Answer me.” he ordered. “Yes, Master, I understand.” I said, meekly. Master smiled approvingly. “Don’t worry, you will come to know the rules soon enough. You’re already doing very good.” I glowed at his approval; glad he wasn’t angry with me. Master bent and kissed my cheek, moving over to my shoulders, and down my back. I shivered, my nipples peaking. Master moved his body to in between my legs, his broad shoulders keeping my legs spread wide. I cried out when I felt his tongue gently probe my pussy, and pushed my hips backward. Master ran his tongue around the opening to my body a few times, and then moved up to gently probe my clit. I could feel my body tightening, as I began my climb. Master surged up my body, and I whimpered at the loss of his tongue. He pressed a hot kiss to my neck, and whispered in my ear. “Do you trust me, baby?” I trembled at the question, but nodded. A sharp sting on my ass. “Yes, master, I trust you.” I said hastily. Master stood got off of me, and shivering, I turned my head to watch him. He walked over to a chest by his bedroom wall, and opened it. I couldn’t see what was in the chest, but he pulled out four silk scarves, and walked back toward me, leaving the chest open. Master gently tied one of the scarves around my arm, and I trembled, not sure that I was comfortable with this. Master tied my arm firmly to the bedpost, and ran a hand down my back. “Shh, it’s ok, baby. You can trust me.” I relaxed, his words comforting. Quickly Jon tied my other arm, and both feet to the bedposts, so that I was laying in his bed, spread eagle. Master soothingly ran a hand down my back, and up, helping me relax. He ran his hand down till he was cupping the soft curves of my ass. He ran his finger between the crack, stopping at my asshole, and gently probed. I tensed, and he stopped moving his finger, but left it there. “Are you still a virgin in this hole?” he asked. I nodded, and then remembered. “Yes, master.” Master ran his finger down to my clit, and he gently pinched it. “Baby?” “Yes, master?” I moaned. “I want you to do something for me. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it would make me very happy. Will you do that for me?” I tensed, afraid, but then I remembered that I’d agreed to trust him, and I forced myself to relax, knowing that he wouldn’t harm me. Master went and got some more things from his chest. I couldn’t see what they were, because Master had put them out of my sight. “Our love play is about to get more intense than you are accustomed to, Baby, so you need to think of a safe word. This is a word for you to use if I go too far.” he explained, his hand gently fondling the round globes of my bottom. I thought for a second, and then whispered. “Serenity, Master?” “That’ll work.” Master said, putting something cold and wet on my ass. Master rubbed it in, his hand moving down to rub my already throbbing clit. I shuddered and moaned, but he moved his hand back up to my asshole. I tensed, suddenly knowing what he was going to do. “Relax, Baby.” he murmured. “I don’t want to hurt you, but if you don’t relax it’s going to.” I took a couple deep breaths, and forced my butt muscles to unclench. “Good girl.” he said, gently probing my asshole with his slick finger. Master pushed harder, and I cried out in pain, tears springing to my eyes, then his finger popped in and he stopped moving. My asshole screamed at me, telling me that this was wrong, but I refused to use my safe word. Master wanted this, and I wanted him to be happy. After a few seconds the muscles relaxed and it ceased to hurt, leaving me with an unbearable full feeling, similar to the first time I’d had sex. Master slowly pushed the butt plug into me, until it was seated to the hilt. Master ran a hand down to my dripping pussy, and pushed one finger, and then two into me. I whimpered, and pushed myself backward, enjoying the feel of his fingers in me. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked. “No, Master.” Master reached up and untied my hands, and then down to untie my feet. He gently rolled me over, and bent to give me a kiss. “Thank you, baby.” I arched my back, pressing my breasts into his chest, and my hand reached down to gently fondle his cock. Master groaned, and pushed his hips into my hand. I pumped my hand on it several times, and then reached down to fondle his balls. Master rolled us over, so that he was on his back, and I was on top. “Sixty nine me.” he ordered. I quickly scrambled around so that my pussy was in his face. Eagerly I sucked his cock into my mouth, pumping my mouth up and down. I slowly took more and more of his cock in my mouth until I could deep throat it. I ran my tongue around the smooth top, and worked the muscles of my throat, caressing his shaft, working him toward an orgasm. I ran my hand down and caressed his balls. Meanwhile Master had been busy licking and sucking me toward orgasm. His hands had me spread wide, open to his gaze, and every now and then he’d give my butt plug a gentle tug, reminding me of it’s presence, and sending waves of a pleasure, and a little pain, through my body. I urgently pushed my pussy into his face, needing satisfaction. “Uh, uh, uh!” he said. “You don’t get to cum till you make me cum.” I increased my effort on his cock, sucking furiously. “Swallow, baby.” he ordered thickly, then groaned, his back arching of the bed, as he came in and endless torrent. I sucking down his hot cum, finding it delicious. When I was done, I licked his cock clean, making an ‘mmm’ sound. “Good girl.” he praised, and I glowed. Master pushed two fingers in my ass, and pulled them out, fucking me with his fingers. Then his talented tongue started flicking my clit, driving me to my peak and over. I gave a small screech, and then convulsed in his arms, wave after wave of pleasure erupting in me, consuming me. When I’d returned to earth, I found myself snuggled next to Master. He was gently stroking my back, soothing me. I turned shining eyes on him, and smiled. “Thank you, Master.” Master bent over and gave me a gentle kiss. “You’re welcome, baby.” Master gently patted my ass, then got up and went back to the chest. Too tired to move, I watched him pull out another, larger, butt plug. He walked back over, and rolled me over on my stomach. I felt him pull out my butt plug, and then slowly, carefully, insert the new one, stretching my asshole even more. When it was all the way in, he gave my bottom a pat. “Leave that in till morning, baby.” he murmured, climbing back in bed with me, and wrapping a strong arm around me. I fell asleep, secure in his arms. That morning I woke up as the bright hues of the sun came in the windows. I lay there for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of my body pressed tight to Master‘s, but eventually my bladder made itself known, and I had to get up and use the toilet. When I stood up my butt plug rubbed my sensitive insides, reminding me of its presence. I considered taking it out, but decided against it. I wanted to have Master remove it, just as he’d put it in. When I was done peeing, I climbed back in bed with him, and wrapped my arms around him, dozing back off. A few hours later I woke to the twisting and tugging my butt plug. I opened my eyes and found Masters hot blue gaze on me. “Good morning, Baby.“ I groaned, and arched myself into him. “Good morning, Master.” Master ceased his manipulations of my butt plug and got up. He strolled over to the chest, and pulled out an even larger butt plug, this one nearly as large as his cock. When he approached the bed I rolled over to give him access to my ass, this time without being told. Master patted my ass, and praised me. “But this time,” he said, “I want you to pull your knees up under your chest, and put your ass in the air.” Blushing, I did as he requested, wantonly pushing my ass in the air. I knew that he’d seen all there was of me, but that had been at night, and it was broad day. Master pulled out the medium sized butt plug, and squirted some more KY Jelly on my ass, his finger rubbing it in. He inserted his finger in me, then two, distributing KY Jelly everywhere. I felt so full, my pussy growing wet at the rubbing. Master pulled his fingers out, and put the larger butt plug at my entrance. It was harder to get in, and I whimpered out at the pain, trying to pull away. Master put a firm hand on the small of my back, keeping me still, and maneuvered it till it was all the way in, ignoring my protests. I considered my safe word, but chose not to use it. If this pleased Master, then I’d submit. I lay there for a second, panting, waiting for the pain to abate, before I carefully rose. I reached behind me to fidget with it, hoping to find a way to reduce the discomfort, but quickly put my hands back in front of me when Master smacked them. “Leave it alone.” “Yes, master.” I crouched down to pick up my clothes, but dropped them at Master’s command. “You are to never wear clothing in this house. You are mine, and I want to see you.” I felt a blush spread over my body, heating my face, neck and breasts. “But . . .” I protested. Master reached out and gave me a small slap on my face. “Don’t argue with me, Baby,” he said sternly. Confused I lowered my eyes to my feet. Another sharp slap, this time to my ass. “Yes, Master.” I said, quickly. “I’m sorry, Master.” Master nodded, “It’s okay, Baby. You’re still new to this, I expect the occasional mistake.” I stood there, head down, wondering what he was talking about. “Go make some breakfast,“ he instructed, “and I’ll answer your questions then.“ Obediently I walked out of his room, and down the hall to the kitchen. My stomach rumbled, and I realized that I was starved. I quickly prepared two ham and cheese omelets, and put them on the table. Master was already sitting there, looking at some papers. I put down my plate, and he gave it a small frown, but didn’t say anything. I sat down, and began to eat. Master broke a piece of toast and bit into it thoughtfully. “Baby?” he asked. “Yes, master?” “Have you ever her of D/s relationships?” “Yes, master.” I answered. “I’ve heard things here and there, but I don’t know really know much about them.” Master smiled, softly. “I am a Dominant, Baby, and you are a Submissive.” I lifted my head in surprise. Master held up a hand, holding back my exclamations. “Tell me this, Baby. In your relationship with Matthew, did you feel . . . unfulfilled, like you weren’t getting something that you needed?” I thought about that. I had always felt a definite . . . lack in my relationships, like something was missing. I nodded my head, knowing that Master was right. “Yes, Master, I’ve never felt as . . . cherished as I so with you.” Master gave me a pleased smile. “That’s because you were meant to be mine, baby. I have a contract here that outlines the rules of this kind of relationship.” he nodded to the papers next to his plate. “I want you to look over them, and be sure before you sign them, because once they’re signed I will own you - all of you.” Master handed me the papers and I scanned them. I noticed that as the Dom he was required to see to my health and happiness, that he was not allowed to put either in jeopardy. He was allowed to punish me, but he had to have a reason, and he was not allowed to punish me in anger. But I, as the sub, was required to take care of him, his physical and emotional needs. I was also required to do anything he required. Thinking this through, I realized that the relationship was fair, just balanced differently. I raised shy, confused eyes to him. “What if I don’t like what you’re doing?” “Then you use your safe word, baby. Otherwise you have no control.” Master said sternly. “But remember! You must be careful with that safe word, because if you use it whenever things aren‘t going your way, I won’t know when you’re truly in distress, and I’ll start to ignore it.” I nodded, that sounded fair. “Like ‘The Boy Who Called Wolf‘?” I asked. Master smiled. “Yes, exactly like that.” “Could we do something?” I asked “Can we have a verbal contract for today? That would give me an idea what I’d be letting myself in for.” “Yes, I think that’s a good idea.” Master said approvingly. “This is not something to be taken lightly. Once you sign that contract I will own you to the end of the contract period.” I nodded, and put down the contract to finish my food. “Stop, baby.” Master said. I looked up, wonderingly. “Yes, Master?” “Bring your plate down here, and kneel beside to me.” he ordered. I hesitated, startled, and then hurried to comply. While I was busy kneeling, Master dumped my food on his plate, and stacked it under his. “Turn around and bend over.” I got up from my position and bent over, not sure what was going on. “When I tell you something, I expect you to do it immediately, without hesitation.“ Master said sternly. SMACK! His hand hit my ass before I could prepare myself for it. I jerked and cried out, but forced myself to stand there. He smacked my ass two more times, and then soothingly rubbed his hand over the bright red marks. “Ok, baby. It’s over, you can resume your position.” I quickly kneeled next to him, not wanting to earn another punishment. Master took a bite of his food, and then fed me a bite. I chewed slowly, my eyes fixed lovingly on his face. Master glanced down at me, and scowled. “You will not make eye contact without permission, baby.” Shocked, I lowered my eyes, fixing them on his knees. “Why, Master?” I whispered. “It’s a sign of respect, Baby, an acknowledgement of who you belong to.” I didn’t understand this; I could respect someone, and make eye contact. But once again, I realized that if it pleased Master, that I was willing to submit. We finished our meal in the same manner, and then Master stood up. I went to stand, too, but Master stopped me with a firm hand on my shoulder. “You don’t rise until given permission,” he instructed me. “Yes, master.“ I said, staying there, waiting for his permission. Master stood there for a second, making sure that he’d made his point, before ordering me to clear off the table. When I’d returned to the dining room, finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, he wasn’t there. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do, so I stood there uncertainly, waiting for him to return. After a few minutes he returned, with some tiny clamps and the KY Jelly in his hand. “When I am not in the room, baby, I want you to go kneel facing the wall until I return. “ I nodded my understanding. “Yes, master.” “For now, I want you to come here.” Unhesitently I walked over to Master, my hips swaying seductively, my large breast bouncing lightly with each step I took. Master watched me, approvingly. When I got to him, he picked up a clamp, and rubbed it suggestively on my nipple, making it harden. “Master?” I said uncertainly. “They are nipple clamps, baby. These are ones for beginners, they will only hurt a bit, but you’ll find the pain adds to the experience.” I wasn’t so sure, but reluctantly agreed. “Yes, Master.” I whispered, a little scared. Master pulled one of my nipples out, and attached the nipple clamp. Pain shot up from the sensitive tip, and I cried out. Then he put the other on my other nipple. I whimpered, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, and I pressed my head to his chest. “Good girl, they look so beautiful on you.” I stayed in his embrace, enjoying the loving way he was stroking my back. After a few seconds, the pain began to abate, leaving only a dull ache. Master realized this by the relaxing of my body. “Go bend over the table.” he ordered. Shivering in apprehension, I hurried over, and bent over, my nipple clamps pushed into the cold hard wood of his table. Master stood back, his eyes on me. I could feel desire warming my body, at the thought of how I must look to him. After a few seconds Master reached out and gently manipulated my butt plug, moving it in and out a bit.. I moaned as the plug gently stimulated the sensitive nerves in there. Master reached under me, his finger stroking my pussy. I groaned and wiggling until Master took the hint, and pushed one, and then two fingers deep into my tight cunt, his thumb resting on my clit, gently manipulating it. I moaned, my body desperately striving toward my peek. Just before I‘d reached it, Master leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Don’t come till I say so, baby.” I whimpered in protest, but held off my orgasm, gritting my teeth, and concentrating. After a few seconds Master gave my butt plug a firm tug, and pulled it out with a sucking sound. I wiggled my hips, wanting his fingers back on my clit. Master put his feet between mine, opening my things to him, and then he was standing behind me, forcing my legs wide. He put his cock at the entrance to my ass, and started to slowly push in, his cock stretching my tender asshole, pain shooting up to from there. I cried out, tears springing to my eyes, and tensed against the intrusion. Master got the head of his cock in me, then stopped, reaching down once again to finger my clit. “Shh, baby. Relax, you need to relax.” With each stroke heat spread up my body, coiling deep in my belly. I could feel the pain in my asshole lessened, becoming erotic. Master must have known, because he began to slowly push further into me, his large cock pushing aside my protesting muscles, filling me. Master kept going until he had invaded me as far as he could go. “Oh, god, baby. You are so tight,” he groaned. I panted, not sure if I liked this or not. Master ignored my discomfort, slowly pulling out, then pushing himself back in, his cock rubbing against my silken insides. His finger resumed the stroking of my clit, his other hand reaching up and releasing my nipple from its clamp. Pain shot back through my nipple, making me gasp, and tense up my ass. Master groaned. “Yeah, baby, like that.” he whispered in my ear, reaching around, and undoing the clamp on the other breast. As I approached my orgasm, I could feel my inner muscles clench on his cock. “Master, please?” I begged. “Can I cum, please?” “Not yet, baby. Hold on for just a bit more.” I reached my hands out to hold on to the table, using all my energy to holding off my orgasm. Master hooked an arm under my waist, and pulled me so that I was standing, the new position allowing his cock to fill me even more. Across the room was a mirror, and I could see us reflected there, Master behind me, my breasts standing proudly from my body, nipples hard. Master moved his hips, and the woman in the mirror moaned, and arched her back wantonly pressing her breast into his hard hand. “Master! Master, please!” I begged, knowing I couldn’t hold myself off much longer. “Cum, for me, baby.” Master whispered in my ear. I screamed as the wave of my orgasm hit me, flowing over me, sucking me under. Right before I closed my eyes, I noticed the woman in the mirror. Her eyes were rolled back in her head with ecstasy, her tits swollen and hard. I felt Master’s hot cum squirting in me, fueling another orgasm. When we came back to earth, Master was holding me against him, his wet cock resting against my leg. “Good girl.” he praised, then bent over to pick me up and carry me up to his room. He gently laid me on the bed, laying down next to me. “Get some rest, baby, we’re far from finished.” I slept for a while, waking when Master rolled me over on my stomach. “I have some things that I need to get done, Baby,” he said, gently reinserting the butt plug. “Leave this in until I return for you, ok?” “Yes, Master.” I replied sleepily, closing my eyes. I lay there a few minutes trying to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. The contract that he wanted me to sign kept dancing through my mind. It had said that he could punish me if I disobeyed, and I was worried about what that entailed. I could think of only one way to find out, so I reached behind me and pulled out my butt plug, laying it on the table next to me. I curled up in his bed, my mind and stomach churning, awaited his return. Several times I reached out to put back in, but I forced myself to leave it where it was. After a while I could hear his footsteps outside the door. Panicking, I reached out to grab the butt plug, but it was too late. I shrank back, my hand pulled to my breast defensively. Master stood in the doorway, his stern eyes locked on the butt plug, and then on me. Ashamed, I lowered my eyes. Master stood there for a second, and I could nearly hear him thinking. Finally he approached the bed, and pulled me up by my arm. “What did I tell you, Alyssa?” he asked sternly. I stood there, pulled nearly to my toes bye the grip on my arm, my eyes lowered. “You told me not to take out the butt plug.” I said, my voice low. “And why did you?” he asked. I just shook my head, tears welling up in my eyes. SMACK his hand hit my ass. “I . . . I’m sorry, Master.” I whispered, a tear running down my face. Master let go of my arm. “Go bend over the chest.” he ordered. I hurried over, not wanting to do anything else to deserve more punishment. Once bent over the chest I noticed two little hooks that had been attached to the bottom. They were painted the same color as the chest and blended in. Master left, and then came back with four pieces of twine, a hairbrush and a scarf, which he laid on the floor next to me. He chose out a piece of twine, and tied it firmly around my wrist, then tied me to one of the hooks. He did the same to my other arm, and then both of my feet, till I was stretched tightly out over the hard surface. I wiggled a little, to see if there was any leeway, but that just made the twin cut into my skin, so I stopped. Then Master took the scarf, and tied it around my face, blocking out all the light. Master rubbed the hard back of the brush against my ass, and I tensed, knowing what was coming. WACK the brush hit my ass hard, making me jerk and cry out in pain. WACK WACK WACK WACK the brush hit me four more times, each hit harder than the last, until I was sobbing, my blindfold soaked with my tears. “You are being punished for two things, Alyssa.” Master said. I jerked my head in his direction. Two things? “The spanking was for not trusting me enough to talk to me about your worries. If you wanted to see what would happen if I were to punish you, you should have come to me and asked. Now you’ve ruined what would have been a perfect afternoon with your immature behavior.” I dropped my head, even more ashamed. He was right, my behavior had been childish. “I’m sorry, Master.” I whispered. Master didn’t say anything, just walking away to get something else. “You still need to be punished for taking out the butt plug.” Master said, kneeling next to me. “I believe in my punishments fitting the crime. In the future you will be thrilled over such a small but plug.” he said, squirting some KY Jelly on my asshole. He smoothed it over, his finger pushing some into my asshole. I lay there, tense, not sure what he was going to do. Then I felt something huge and hard against my asshole. Master pushed it against my asshole, the pressure making me cry out, then scream as he was slowly forced it into my tight ass. Once it popped in, Master left it there for a second to allow my muscles to adjust to the intrusion, then shoved it hard, pushing it the rest of the way in. “Master! Master, NO!” I screamed, feeling like he was tearing my body apart. But Master ignored me, holding it there when my muscles would have expelled it. Then he wrapped something else around me to keep it seated deep inside my defenseless colon. “I will be back in a bit. In the mean time, Alyssa, why don’t you think about why you’re being punished.” he said, standing to leave. I cried out and whimpered, begging him to take this monster out of my ass, but once again, he ignored my pleas. I lay there in the dark for what seemed forever, as cramps built deep in my body, making me forget my hot, burning bottom. I desperately wanted to curl up on the floor in pain, but the twine kept me stretched out. Finally I heard his footsteps approaching the room. The door opened, and Master walked over and gently pulled that horrible thing from my ass, his soothing hands running over my bottom. He reached down and cut the twine that was holding me there, and then picked me up, carrying me to the bed, where he laid me on my stomach. He untied the blindfold, and then reached over for a jar of cream he’d put on the bed next to me. I lay there, exhausted, while he gently smoothed the cream on the welts on my ass, and the sores on my wrists and ankles. “I’m sorry, Master.” I repeated. “You’re forgiven, Baby.” Master said softly, his hands soothing away the hurt. I relaxed at his touch, turning my head so that I could watch him. After he was done, Master turned me over on my back, and moved over me, so that his body was pushing me into the soft mattress. His mouth locked on mine, amorously. I could feel a stirring deep in the pit of my body as I responded to his kiss, my tongue coming out to twine with his. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rolled over, so that I was on top of him, with Master in nearly a sitting position, propped up by the pillows. He arranged my legs, so that I was straddling him, then pushed me up so that I was sitting on him. I could feel his cock pushing to get free from his pants. “Reach behind you, and grab your elbows.“ Master ordered. “Yes, Master.“ I said, doing as he commanded, forcing my full breasts out for him. Master long fingers tugged on my pouting nipples, making them stand at attention, begging for his attention. He roughly pulled and pinched them, and my breasts swelled with desire. I moaned, arching my back further, begging for his attention. He moved one hand down to gently touch my dripping pussy, his fingers parting me so that he could see it’s soft pink interior. He firmly stroked my clit; one finger finding it’s way to the entrance of my pussy. I whimpered, riding his finger, my hips rocking in time to each thrust of his finger. My pussy juice running down his hand to his pants, where it was left a puddle. “Cum for me, Baby.” Master whispered, “I want to watch your cunt grip my finger.” At his order a giant wave of pressure rose and built in me, a huge tsunami of sensation. Finally it broke, and I screamed at the ecstasy, my legs gripping his hips. Master laid there, his eyes locked on my pussy. “Beautiful.” he whispered, as I surfaced. Master reached under me, and undid the snap on his jeans, pulling his cock free. Thankfully, I settled over him, taking his wonderfully hard cock, and bringing it in my body. I threw back my head, my hips moving over him, taking him deep in my body, into my soul. I opened my eyes, and saw that his hot gaze was on the place where we were joined. I knew what he was seeing, his cock, glistening with my cum, sinking in, and pulling out as I fucked him. His fingers grew tighter on my nipple and I knew that he was nearing his orgasm, so I sped up my hips, taking him harder and faster. “Cum with me, Baby.” he said hoarsely, as his cock exploded deep in my cunt. I whimpered as we went over the edge together, enjoying the grunt of pleasure he gave me. When we‘d come back from out flight into heaven, I collapsed on him, exhausted. Master wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me there. “Sleep.” he ordered, nestling my head to his chest with one big hand. I sighed, and fell asleep in his arms, his cock still inside me. I was woken later by the feel of my Master sliding his cock into my moist cunt. I groaned, and arched my back, pushing my hard nipples into the crisp hair of his chest. Master bent his head and sucked my nipple into his mouth, biting on it. I gasped and groaned at the sudden stimulation, my legs wrapped around his narrow hips. “Oh, oh, oh.” I cried out as I started climbing, nearing the top. Suddenly Master pulled himself from me. I cried out in protest, my eyes popping open. Master was over me, his eyes hot with desire. “It’s your turn to do some of the work, Baby.” he said huskily. “I want you to fuck me, this time.” With that he grabbed me and rolled so that I was on top. I smiled, thrilled to be able to be in charge. I wiggled down his body, till my face was over his cock. It stood up, glistening wet from my juices. I ran my hand up and down it a few times, before opening my mouth, and sucking it within. Master groaned, and I could feel his balls tighten. I sucked on his cock, moving my head up and down, until I had take all of it in my mouth. My hand gently manipulated his balls, feeling them tighten. When he was close to his peak, I stopped, sitting back. Master was laying there, his chest heaving, his eyes locked on mine warningly. I just smiled reassuringly, and moved over him, pressing his cock into my pussy, till I could feel him pushing against my cervix. I arched my back, my hands coming up to cup my breasts, holding them out for him to see. I let the moment draw out till I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I started moving my hips, slowly, wanting to savor the feel of him deep inside of me. Master moved his hand over to my clit, gently stroking it. I whimpered, my hips moving faster as I was once again there, ready to cum. “Master? Master, please?” I begged, my hips moving feverishly. “Cum.” At his order, I felt the waves of pleasure began, building, building, till I spasmed around his hard cock, my pussy muscles sucking him in deep. Then I felt Master grab my hips, pulling me off of him, and pushing up deep in my asshole. I screamed, the invasion of his cock sending me up further. “Oh, god.” I whimpered. “I’m so full of you.” Master grabbed my hips, forcing me to move on him. After what seemed forever I came back to myself, and I took over the movements, wanting to bring him with me. I clenched my ass muscles, squeezing his cock. “Harder, fuck me harder.” Master ordered. I obediently picked up the pace, pumping my hips harder and faster. Finally Master peaked, I could feel his hot cum squirting into my asshole. I waited till I was sure he was done, before getting off him, his now spent cock laying soft against his stomach. I collapsed on the bed next to him, his sperm leaking out of my ass. “Good job, baby.” Master panted. When I finally caught my breath, I got up and walked into the bathroom, cleaning myself up, and bringing a warm washrag to wipe of his cock. I gently cleaned him off, then climbed back into bed to snuggle with him. I sighed contentedly as his arm wrapped around my narrow waist, bringing me next to him. After a few minutes I looked at the clock, and my eyes nearly bugged out at the time. “Oh, my god. It’s past dinner time.” I gasped, getting up. I bent over and gave Master a quick kiss. “Why didn’t you wake me? You must be starving!” “It’s been a long day for you, baby, so I just ordered in.” he said, his arms pulling me down next to him. “Rest, talk to me.” he murmured. We lay there in the soft light of the lamp, just talking about nothing and everything. We talked about our childhoods, and our jobs. We talked about old relationships, and our goals in life. Then we fell silent, just enjoying being together. Finally Master broke the silence. “You’ve had most of the day to think about it, Baby. Do you want to sign the contract?” I turned my eyes to him, love shining out of them. “Yes, Master. I would love to belong to you.” Master smiled happily, his eyes crinkling at the corners, and stood up. “Master?” I said, but he just walked over to his drawer. On top of it was a little jewelry box, which he brought over, and handed to me. I sat up in the middle of the bed, with my legs curled under me, and curiously took the box, opening it. Inside was a . . . well it was similar to a necklace, except it was solid, and had a lock on it. Engraved on it were the words ‘Baby’. Master reached over taking it from me. “This is your collar, Baby. As long as you are mine, you will wear this. I am the only one with the key, and you may never take it off without permission.” Master picked up the collar, and put it around my throat, locking it, and stood back to admire me in it.