I pulled the car into the driveway, and turned off my car. Master’s car was already there, so he must have gotten off early. I got out of my car, and walked up the way to the door. My pussy was already getting wet; knowing that Master was inside, waiting for me.

The house was unlocked so I walked in, and shut the door behind me. To the right of the door is a place for me to put my keys, and to the left are hooks. I drop my keys in their proper place, and slowly take off my clothes. Master gets angry if he sees me clothed. I hung them up neatly on the hooks, and pad through the house. “Master?” I call. Nothing. I consider looking for him, but I know that if he wanted me to find him he’d let me know.

I walked into the kitchen, and began my evening routine. First I started making spaghetti for dinner, his favorite. While the sauce is cooking, I wash the few dishes in the sink, and put them away. I walk into the dining room, and began to set the table for him. I put candles in the center, and dim the lights, so that everything looks perfect, exactly how he likes it. I walked back into the kitchen, and realize that the sauce and noodles are ready. I put some on a plate for my master, turn off the stove, and take it into the dining room. I place it in front of his chair, and giving one last glance to make sure that everything is perfect, I walk over to the wall.

There are two mats by the wall, where as there is normally just one. I look at it for a second, wondering, and then I kneel on mine, my face to the wall. I bow my head, put my hands in my lap, and wait for my Master. After a few minutes I hear the chair pull out on the table, and I hear Master sit down. “Good job, pet.” he says. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, Master.” I answer.

“Then come over here, and I will share.”

I gracefully stand up, my long black hair swishing over my backside. Turning around, I am careful not to make eye contact. I kneel at the side of his chair, and tilt my head up to take the first bite. Master rolls the noodles around a fork, and gives me a bite. I chew, a little sauce running down my face until Master takes his napkin, and wipes it off. I smile at him; he takes such good care of me. Master eats some more and then feeds the rest to me. When he is done, he hands me the glass of water next to his plate. I gratefully take a long drink of it, and hand it back to him. I smile, my eyes accidentally make contact with his, and I drop them, ashamed. I am new at this, and occasionally forget things like that. Masters voice drops an octave and approachfully he says . . . “Sara.”

I drop my head. “I’m sorry, Master.”

I can’t see it, but I know that he is shaking his head at me. He doesn’t say anything else, but I know that I will be punished later.

Master pushes his chair back from the table, and walks off. After he has left the room, I stand up, and began to clear off the table, taking the dishes to the kitchen, and putting them in the dishwasher. As soon as the kitchen and dining room are clean, I walk into the living room, where Master is sitting, watching TV. I kneel on my mat by the wall, once again noticing that there’s another mat next to mine. I kneel, wondering why. After a while, the doorbell rings, and Master stands up and turns off the TV.

He walks into the entryway, and opens the door. I hear another woman’s voice, and then Masters deep rumble. He shuts the door, and there’s some more conversation. I strain trying futilely to hear what’s going on. After a few seconds Master returns to the living room, and sits back down on the couch. We wait a second, and then I hear soft footfalls. I keep my eyes focused on the wall, not wanting to anger Master by being too curious. A few seconds later a tall, naked blond kneels on the mat next to mine. I realize that Master must have found his other submissive, something he’s wanted for a while. I’m pleased, knowing that he must be very happy about it. We sit there for a few minutes, and then Master stands up. He comes over, and puts his hands on our heads. “Stand up, so I can introduce you.” We stand, and turn to look at each other.

She is tall and blond, an exact opposite of me, dark and petite. I worry for a second that she might take my place in Masters heart, but then I realize how silly that is. Master has plenty enough love for both of us.

“My pet,” he addresses the other woman. “I have a special name for my submissives. This is Sara, which is French for Princess. I will call you Elinor, which means light.” I smile shyly at her, seeing friendship in her eyes. Master gently rubs a hand down each of our naked backs. “Sarah.” he says.

“Yes, master.”

“Show Elinor to the bedroom. I will be in in a second.”

I walk Elinor down the hallway, and to the bedroom. It is a large room, with a large four-poster bed in the center. The sheets are gray cotton, and the comforter black. The floor is white, and so are the walls. The dressers are gray, and so is the straight-backed chair that is against the wall. On the other side are two mats, I go and kneel on one, and Elinor follows me, kneeling on the other. Submissively we wait for Master. We know he’s there, when we hear the door shut.

Master walks over to the bed, and begins placing things on the bedside table. I tense, knowing that my punishment is soon.

“Sara?” Master says commandingly.

“Yes, master?” I ask waveringly.

“Come here.” he says calmly.

Shivering a bit, I stand, and walk over to him. He is sitting on the straight-backed chair. In his hand is a black leather paddle. “Bend over my knee.” he commands. I kneel beside him, and bend over his lap, my ass sticking in the air. Master rubs my ass with his hand, gently. “Do you know why you are getting punished?” he asks.

“Yes, master, I . . .” my voice breaks, and I clear my throat. “I made eye contact without permission.”

“That’s right, and I can’t let such a show of disrespect go unpunished.” Then master draws back the paddle, and smacks my ass with it. At first it doesn’t hurt that much, but with every spank he hits harder, and harder, till my ass is stinging. I hold myself there, knowing that everything Master does is for my own good. He keeps hitting me, and I began to cry, tears dripping down my face. After awhile, the paddle stops hitting me, and Master gently rubs my pink ass, soothing away some of the hurt. He pulls me into his arms, and soothing rubs my back till I stop crying.

“I love you, little one.” he says.

I nuzzle my face into his neck, and kiss it. Then he sets me on my feet, and instructs me to return to my place by the wall. Elinor is still kneeling there, obediently. “Elinor.” he says.

“Yes, master.” she answers softly.

“Come here, I want to learn what is mine.” he pauses. “Sarah, you may come over here, too.”

We both get up, and walk to him, standing in front of him. He pulls me to him, and taking a piece of rope, ties my hands together. He then pulls them up, and attaches them to a hook in the ceiling. Once he is sure that I’m firmly attached, he turns to Elinor.

Taking her by the hand, he moves to the bed. “Climb up.” he orders. Elinor bites her lip in nervousness, but obeys. Master took the leather cuffs, and attaches them to her wrists and legs. He then attaches them to the four posters, leaving her spread eagle to his gaze.

Master stands back for a second, and walks around the bed, observing her, his eyes hot, his arousal tenting his pants. Master picks up a set of nipple clamps, and attaches them Elinor’s nipples. Elinor gasps at the pain, and arches her back. Master climbs into the bed with her, and begins to gently explore her body with his hands. She moans softly, enjoying his soft touch. After Master has touched every spot on her body, he runs his hand down to her wet, glistening pussy. He runs his finger up her slit, and then down, fingering the entrance to her ass. “Nothing as enjoyable as a virgin asshole.” he says, smiling. I can see Elinor fighting to keep calm, as he reaches over her to the bedside, and picks up a smaller butt plug and some KY Jelly. He places the butt plug on bed beside her, and then begins to spread KY over her tight, little, asshole.

Once he is sure she was well lubed, he gently works his finger into her. Elinor gasps, and arches her back at the invasion. Finally master has his whole finger in her, holding it there for a second, waiting for her body to accept him. After a few seconds you can see her relax, and she moans softly. Master pulls his hand out of her ass and gently pushes the butt plug in. Elinor whimpers a bit, since the butt plug is a little bigger than his finger. Master runs a soothing hand down her leg, then brings it back up, to where he gives a tug on first one nipple clamp, and then the other.

Elinor moans at the pleasure pain, and arches her back into his hand. Master kisses her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He reaches down with one hand, and releases one nipple from its clamp. Elinor whimpers as blood rushes back into her nipple. Master lowers his head, and pulls her nipple into his mouth. Elinor’s movements get more frantic, and he gets off the bed, and slowly strips, his eyes on Elinor’s glistening pussy.

Elinor just lays there, her breath coming in pants, her eyes closed. Master gets back up in the bed, settling himself between her legs. He reaches down, and give her butt plug a couple of shoves. Elinor jerks at the pain, but this time doesn’t cry out. Master smiles in approval, and places his cock at the entrance of her body.

He lays there, his cock barely touching her. “What do you want, Elinor?” he whispers softly.

“I want . . .” she says, and stops to whimper, her hips desperately trying to entice him to enter her.  I could have told her that wouldn‘t work, but I hadn‘t been given permission to talk. “I want your cock, I want it deep inside of me.”

Master shoves himself into her hard. “Like this?” he asks.

She cries out and arches herself into him. “Yes, Master.“

Master sets up a steady rhythm, driving them closer to the edge. Elinor’s body grows stiff, as she fights off her orgasm. After a few seconds Master whispers something in her ear. Elinor screams, her back arching off the bed. After a few minutes the tension leaves her body, and she lay on the bed, exhausted. Master pulled himself out of her, and got off the bed. He reaches up and releases her hands. I stand there; my pussy wet, and watch him approach me. He comes up and wrapped his arms around me, his hands on my ass.

“Your turn, Sara.” he whispers huskily, his hands running along the crack of my ass. I tilt my head back, and kiss him on the jaw.  “Kneel beside the bed.” he says to Elinor, who is still laying on the bed, waiting for his next command. Elinor quickly complies.

Master reaches up, and attaches nipple clamps to my breasts, and unties me from the bolt, but leaves the ropes around my wrist. Hooking a finger in my collar, he pulls me to the chest at the foot of his bed. He bends me over it, and reties me there. He then walks over to his bedside table, and picks up a few things. Upon returning, he wraps a soft scarf around my head, tying it in the back, so I can’t see. He then wraps another scarf around my mouth, effectively gagging me. I try to stay calm, even though I know that the only reason that he’d gag me is for really intensive love play.

Submit I think to myself, if this makes Master happy, then it’ll make you happy.  A

 few seconds pass, and then I can feel Master rubbing KY Jelly in the crease of my butt. I few seconds later I feel his large cock pressing into me. I gasp and cry out as the pain shoots up from where he is stretching my tender asshole. I had never taken anything this big before. Master holds himself there, giving me a few seconds before he pulls out and pushes himself back in. I feel so full of him, possessed by his great cock, that it begins to make me wet. Then I hear a whistling sound. SMACK, his cane hits my ass hard. I stiffen and cry out. SMACK it hits me again. I start crying as the pain from my ass radiates out. He hit’s me with it a few more times, till I began to rise above the pain, my endorphins finally kicking in. I start to groan in arousal and I can feel something inside of me coiling tighter and tighter.

After a bit, the cane stops hitting me, and I can feel him gently rubbing my warm ass. He pulls out of me, and then inserts a butt plug. “So that you don’t forget how I feel in you.” he says. Then he unties me, and takes off the gag, and the blind fold. He picks me up, and carries me to the bed, where he has me kneel next to Elinor. He climbs in the bed, and lays down on his back.

 “Come here, you two.” he demands. We both rise up, and crawl next to him. “Sarah, climb on top of me, and start fucking. Elinor, straddle my face. I want a taste of your pussy.”

We both hurry to comply. Elinor kneels over him, and I straddle his hips, slowly taking him deep inside of me, the butt plug makes me so full, that it‘s difficult. Once fully seated, I start moving my hips, slowly, like he likes. He gives Elinor’s smooth pussy a lick, and then says, “Play with each others breasts.” I reach out and gently tug on Elinor’s breast clamps, releasing them. She does the same for me and we both gasp at the exquisite pain. We gently sooth each other’s breasts, while we wait for the pain to abate a bit.

Master puts his hands up, and spreads Elinor’s butt cheeks, so that he can watch us in the mirror over the bed. He gives her butt plug a hard shove, and she arches her back, forcing herself to stay where he’d put her. We gently play with each other’s breasts, as I ride Master.

After a few minutes he pulls away long enough to mutter. “Fuck me, angel, make me cum.”

I speed up, as the pleasure of having him in me rushes through me, like liquid fire. My body coils tighter, and tighter, and me and Elinor moan, both of us fighting our orgasms.

Master’s body stiffens and he groans to us. “Cum with me.” I let myself fall off the edge, shuddering from the intensity of my orgasm. I can feel him cumming inside me. After a few seconds I open my eyes, and can tell by the look in Elinor’s eyes that she’d cum, too. At Masters command we get off him, and lay down next to him, one of us on each side of him. He reaches out, and removes our but plugs, then wraps his arms around us, and we nestle our heads on his shoulder, and doze off with him. “I love you.” he says, just before we fall asleep.