Sullenly, Rebecca slumped in her chair, glaring at Mr. Jones. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and she was stuck in this classroom, writing a stupid essay on 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. Just ‘cause she was failing - like that was anything new. Supposedly, this essay would bring her grade up enough that she could graduate this year. Like she cared.


Sighing, Mr. Jones looked up from his book and into Rebecca‘s angry eyes. It had not escaped his attention that Rebecca was annoyed; he did not really care. She was a perfectly bright student, the only reason she had had to repeat her senior year was her attitude. Frowning, his eyes returned to the book he was pretending to read.


Although quite beautiful, Rebecca was, as usual, wearing too much makeup. She had plaited her thick black hair into twin braids, each running down the side of her face. Her worn out jeans and tiny t-shirt left little to the imagination.


He looked back up as she sighed even louder, her blank piece of paper stared angrily from the desk.


"Rebecca," he sighed, looking at his watch, "You have an hour to finish that, or we'll be here again next Saturday.”


Rebecca just glared harder. “I’m not doing this to make you miserable. I’m trying to help you graduate – this is all you need.”


Rebecca glared even harder. "Yeah, kiss my ass,” she muttered under her breath.


Mr. Jones eyes narrowed, and a flush rose to his face as he stood up. "Excuse me?" he said quietly.


"I said . . . " Rebecca said slowly and loudly, spacing her words evenly, "to kiss. My. Lily. White. Ass!”


His lips angrily narrowed, Mr. Jones stalked down the aisle to where Rebecca was sitting. Startled, Rebecca stared up at him, her lips parted in surprise as he roughly pulled her to her feet. "What the hell . . . " she blustered.


"I've had it with your mouth, little girl, and I've had it with your attitude." Mr. Jones growled angrily. "It's about time someone taught you some respect."


Rebecca stumbled as he dragged to his desk, his fingers digging into her arm. "I'll get you fired for this!" she shouted angrily.


Mr. Jones paused, and then straightened his broad shoulder, grey eyes glinting angrily behind his glasses. "Then I guess I’d better make it worth my time."


Rebecca paled as her threat failed to scare him, then gasped when her right arm was twisted behind her, forcing her breast into contact with the hard surface of Mr. Jones desk. Roughly, he tugged at her pants, ignoring her frantic twisting and pulling as she tried to free herself. "Let go of me, dickhead!" she shouted, but he ignored her, pulling her jeans down to her knees.


"Oh, you do have a ‘lily white ass’, don't you?" he crooned sarcastically in her ear, large palm smoothing over it gently. Cringing, Rebecca kicked, desperate to dislodge his hand. She breathed a sigh of relief when his hand left; with her face pressed firmly into the desk she did not see him grab the ever-present wooden ruler until she felt Mr. Jones rub it teasingly against the soft globes of her ass.


"You wouldn't dare!" she gasped, her struggles growing more frantic. No one had ever spanked her; her father was a useless drunk who did not give a damn if she was fed, let alone if she behaved, and her mother had left sixteen years ago.


"Oh, you'd be surprised at what I'd dare." Mr. Jones chuckled pulling back his hand, and landing the ruler on her ass with a loud THWAP. Rebecca jerked and howled. "Asshole!" she hollered!




"Son of a bitch!"




"Mother fucker!"




Mr. Jones ignored her, continuing to spank her until she laid quietly against the desk, the only sound her quiet sobbing. Releasing her arms, he leaned back. Exhausted Rebecca remained bent the desk, allowing him to gaze on her. Her once lily-white ass was now bright red, welts rising where the ruler had struck her. Mr. Jones' ran his open palm soothingly over her, enjoying the heat rising from her skin, then stopped in surprise as he encountered some moisture. One finger slid from where it was caressing her hot bottom to the crevice between her thighs. She was undeniably wet, a groan escaping from her at his gentle touch.


"Are you horny, baby?" he whispered in her ear. Rebecca's cheeks flushed, and she closed her eyes in embarrassment. "Answer me!" he demanded.


"Yes, sir." she whispered, embarrassed that she could respond this way to a man who’d done what he had.


"Do you need to be fucked?" he asked her, his hand sliding back down to play between her legs. Rebecca whimpered in reply, her hips tilting to meet his finger.


"I better not have to remind you to answer me again." Mr. Jones growled.


"Yes, sir!" she whined.


"Remove your pants," he said, releasing her arms.


Embarrassment adding to her arousal, Rebecca shed her jeans as Mr. Jones watched approvingly.


"Turn around. Pull your shirt off." he demanded, stepping back to enjoy the view. Full and high, their hard pink tips poked out demandingly, begging for attention. Her sweet little pussy was covered in a neatly trimmed black bush. Mr. Jones reached out and gently pinched her nipple lightly, enjoying Rebecca’s groan.


Blushing, Rebecca stood there naked while Mr. Jones pushed his slacks down, revealing well muscled legs and a hard and angry looking cock. Rebecca unconsciously licked her lips, eyes riveted as a drop of pre-cum appeared; she had only one boy to compare him to, but she knew that Mr. Jones had nothing to complain of in the inches department.


"Bend back over the desk." he demanded, his voice rough with desire. He wanted to enjoy  the bright pink evidence of his domination as he slid into her.


Self-consciously Rebecca bent back over, her sensitive nipples pressing into the desk and wringing another whimper from her. Without being told, she parted her legs, her hips tilting backward urgently. A soft rustle of a foil packet, and then Mr. Jones was between her legs, aligned his cock with her needy opening, holding it there teasingly.


"Mr. Jones!" she whimpered in protest, straining to get him to fill her.


Mr. Jones grunted in approval, slowly sliding his cock into her wet, welcoming pussy.  Arching her back, Rebecca pushed backward, desperate to be filled. His arms came down on the desk, caging her in, as he slid all his length into her. "God." he grunted, withdrawing a bit, then returning. "You feel so fucking good."


Rebecca whined deep in her throat as he set up a slow and deliberate rhythm. "Please . . . " she gasped. Mr. Jones wrapped her braids around his wrist and yanked her face around so that he could kiss her, his wet mouth moving over hers possessively. His hips picked up rhythm and her cries and pleas increased in urgency. Taking pity on her he slid his other hand around and lightly ran his finger over her wet center. Rebecca exploded around him, her inner muscles rippling in ecstasy, bringing him over the edge with her. Mr. Jones shouted, his body stiff as he came into her endlessly.


Collapsing on her, he lay there for a moment, before standing up, and pulling her with him to his chair. "Mine." he growled, his strong arms cradling her in his lap. Curling a limp arm around his neck, Rebecca curled into his chest, content. One large hand came up and stroked her hair tenderly.


"You didn't finish your essay." Mr. Jones murmured into her hair. "I must insist that I see you again next Saturday."


"Yes, sir." Rebecca murmured, pressing a soft kiss to his neck.




Lips set in a mutinous, angry line, Rebecca pressed the doorbell. Still dressed in the same clothes from that afternoon, the porch light of Mr. Jones house cast her face in shadows.


“Rebecca.” Mr. Jones said, surprised to see her. “It’s late.”


“Yeah, I know.” She muttered, nervously shifting the weight of her very full backpack to the other shoulder. “Can I come in?”


Wordlessly, Mr. Jones stepped back, allowing her to step into his dimly lit foyer.


“I, uh, finished my paper.” Rebecca said, holding out a rumpled piece of paper, eyes on the ground.


“Good girl.” Mr. Jones said, tactfully ignore the state of the paper. “Thank you.”


Pleased, she glanced up once. Mr. Jones gasped as the light revealing a nasty black eye.


“What the hell!” Mr. Jones exploded, grabbing her chin. “Who did this to you?” he demanded, reaching out to flip on the overhead light.


Uncomfortable, Rebecca jerked her chin out of his grip, and glared at the floor. “My dad.” She muttered, jerking her shoulder uncomfortably. “Duh.”


Uttering an oath under his breath, Mr. Jones gently wrapped his hand around her arm and pulled her into his kitchen.


“Hey, it’s okay.” Rebecca said, shocked to realize Mr. Jones was making an ice pack. “Mary let me ice it down at her house.”


Mr. Jones took a few deep breaths, trying to get his temper under control. “Why did your father hit you?”


“Um, because he’s bigger than me?” Rebecca said slowly with a sarcastic roll of her eyes. “This is nothing; I’ve had worse.”


Mr. Jones pressed his lips together angrily, wanting desperately to hit a man who would treat his own child like that. Gently, he reached out and pulled her in for a hug.


“The thing is,” Rebecca mumbled into the hard muscles of his chest, “I kind of need a place to stay until I can get a job. He kinda, um … well, he kicked me out.”


Mr. Jones growled deep in his chest. “Hey, it’s okay!” Rebecca protested. “I’ve been 18 now for two months so it’s not like I didn’t see this coming. I was just hoping to have somewhere to go when it happened.” She babbled nervously. “I went over to Mary’s, but her folks are so strapped financially, I just hated to bug them. And the nursing home won’t let me stay with my grandma.”


Mr. Jones rubbed a hand over her back, thinking over his options. “You can stay for now, but I need you to keep where you are quiet until next week, when this class is over. We’ll revisit the situation then, okay?”


Rebecca nodded, and relaxed against his chest.


“Have you had dinner?” Mr. Jones asked, reluctantly releasing her.


“Yeah, I got a burger with some money Grandma gave me.”


“I was watching the news, if you’d like to join me in the living room. Or, are you tired, would you like to go to bed?”


“Can I use your shower?” Rebecca asked, leaning down to pick up her backpack from where she had set it down.


“It’s at the end of the hallway.” Mr. Jones said, pointing. “Towels are in the cupboard.”




Mr. Jones watched her walk down the hall, then went back into the living room to sit back down on the couch. The television droned in the background, but his mind was not on the news anymore. It was on the sexy woman in the shower.


“Down, boy.” He muttered with a stern look at his crotch. “Now’s not a good time.”


Mr. Jones continued to fight with his ‘other brain’ while Rebecca finished her shower, so much so that she startled him when she walked into the room.


“Mr. Jones?” she asked, then giggled when he jumped.


“Oh, for Pete’s sake.” Mr. Jones said crankily. “After everything, I think you can call me Gabe.”


“Gabe?” she said, testing out his first name. “Weird. I’m so used to you being Mr. Jones.”


Sighing, Gabe stood up and turned off the light, turning to face her. All the blood drained from his head to his cock, when he realized she wore nothing but a tiny towel.


Rebecca giggled nervously when Gabe just gaped at her. “Can I borrow a t shirt to sleep in?”


Determinedly, Gabe shook his head, trying to force his brain to work well enough to form a coherent answer. “Um, sure. They’re in my room.”


“Would you show me?” she whispered, tilting her head flirtatiously.


Gabe’s eyes narrowed at the flirtatious look, uncertain of her attentions.


Wordlessly, he gestured for her to follow him, and led her to his room. It was a darkly masculine room, all hardwood and clean lines. After pulling a shirt from his drawer, he handed it to her. “Anything else?” he said, his voice rough.


“Well,” she said, a blush staining her cheeks. “I, um … well, my bottom is … um, I’m a bit …sore” embarrassed and unsure of herself, Rebecca’s voice trailed off in embarrassment at Gabe’s continued silence and penetrating stare.


“Do you know what you’re getting yourself in to, little girl?” he finally asked. “I’m not a boy, content with a little slap and tickle.”


Rebecca nodded her understanding, cheeks flushing even brighter.


“Then drop the towel.” He demanded.


Rebecca’s breath caught, her nipples stiffening as she follow his demand. Gabe walked a circle around her, eyes caressing her soft curves approvingly, then jerked her to him demandingly, his head bending to hers. Demandingly, he took her mouth, his tongue plundering hers, demanding his submission. Rebecca’s head spun until she was clutching at his shoulders, her entire world narrowed to the man who held her. Then his mouth was gone, and the only sound was their gasping breaths.


“Get in the bed.” he said, releasing her and turning to dim the lights. Jerkily Gabe undressed, revealing a hard body and harder cock.


Rebecca watched from the bed, as the sexy body she had felt, but not seen, was revealed. Gabe obviously took care of his body, as evidenced by his well-defined chest and abs. Gabe stood there a minute, allowing her to look his fill, then turned and sauntered to his closet. Rebecca licked her lips, her eyes so riveted at the view that she almost did not notice him pulling a wooden box down from the top shelf of his closet.


“Over here.” Gabe demanded, gesturing for Rebecca to move closer to edge of the bed. “I want to check your bottom.”


Shyly, Rebecca scooted over to the edge of the bed.


“On your hands and knees.” Gabe growled. “Ass in the air.”


Rebecca’s cheeks stained pink, again. Her pussy flood with moisture at the mental image of what Gabe would see with her in that position.


Taking a couple of deep breaths for courage, she did as instructed, kneeling before him. With him standing beside the bed, her ass was nose level with Gabe’s face, exactly as he had planned.


Gabe reached out and ran his hand firmly over her bottom, making her suck in her breath and jerk away as he found a few tender spots. Each time he firmly brought her back to him to continue his inspection. She startled, again, when something cool was spread on her bottom, but relaxed into his soothing touch.


“Spread your legs.” Gabe said, hand pushing her thighs apart, then sliding upward to cup her pussy. “Wet.” He growled, a finger sliding between her lips to explore.


Rebecca groaned deep in her throat, and pressed herself into his hand to enjoy his gentle exploring. Her breaths began to come in soft pants, and she whined deep in her throat when he found that special spot deep in her and began to rub his finger over it insistently. Expertly, he brought her to a gentle peek.


Gabe waited until her breathing began to return to normal, and then brought her back up to her knees. “You liked that?” he asked facetiously. “Would you like more of that?” Rebecca looked over her shoulder shyly, and nodded again. “Then I want you to do something you might not like.” Gabe said, eyes direct and commanding. “If you really don’t like it, we won’t do it again, but your sweet pussy better not be wet or I won’t believe you.” Gabe paused. “And I might have to spank you for lying.”


Apprehensively, Rebecca nodded again. Without breaking eye contact, Gabe reached into the chest and pulled out what looked like a small dildo, but with a flared tip. Rebecca furrowed her brown, unsure what was so scary about such a small dildo. It was not until he began rubbing KY into the crack of her ass that she began to realize what he planned.


“Gabe.” She whimpered. Gabe’s cock jerked at the fear and submission he heard in her voice. “I don’t want to.”


“But you will.” He answered, patiently. “You’ll do it for me, won’t you?”


Something deep in her womb clenched at the strength of his voice, and almost without a conscious decision, on her behalf, she nodded in agreement, signaling that allow him to do as he wished. Still, she gasped in apprehension and discomfort when he pushed a KY slick finger through the tight ring of her ass. Gasping for air, she dropped her head to the bed and closed her eyes, every ounce of her attention on the intruding finger moving insider her, spreading the KY thoroughly; then, after a brief pause, the much larger toy was pressed in. It stung, and a single tear rolled down her face at the intrusion.


Aroused, and pleased with her acquisition, Gabe quickly sheathed his cock in a condom, then climbed up to lay on the bed beside her. “There, that’s not to bad is it?” he asked soothing, pulling her in his arms. Tenderly, his hand slid down her back to pull out and push the hard toy in and out of her anal cavity. Rebecca curled an arm around his neck, holding him to her tightly, seeking assurance. Gabe reached down, and tilted her head up for a kiss, helping to distract her, to re-center her attention in him.


“Are you still wet?” Gabe whispered a moment later, when her breaths were coming again in pants. Rebecca gasped and moaned as a finger slid insider her, checking. “Oh, you are!” he chuckled in her ear, bringing his glistening finger to his mouth. “Yum!” He teased her, enjoying the flush of her cheeks. “Some other time, I’m going to have to get some more of that.” He laughed, enjoying her pink cheeks.


“But, for now, I promised you a reward.” He said, rolling onto his back, and taking her with him. His quick movement took her by surprise, and she eeped as the butt plug shifted inside her, rubbing against muscles unused to such contact. “What do you want? Do you want me deep inside your pussy?”


“Yes.” Rebecca whimpered, wiggling against him. The toy was becoming more comfortable, but she was still very aware of it.


“Take your reward.” Gabe coaxed. “Ride me. Fuck me.”


Rebecca groaned at his explicit command, wiggling down and trying to take him inside her. Gabe let her struggle for a few minutes, before reaching down and helping guide his cock to her wet opening.


Rebecca groaned, deep in her throat, desperately relieved to have him filling her, sliding home deep inside her, touching her cervix. She lay there a moment, until he pushed her into a sitting position, helping her bring her knees up under her for purchase.


“Up.” He growled. “I want to watch you fucking me.”


Clumsily, at first, she started moving up and down on his cock, quickly figuring out what worked best, and what felt the best. Sensually, she abandoned herself to the moment, riding him in earnest, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Gabe’s eyes roved from her bouncing breasts to the place where they were joined, and his breath began to come in pants; it took all his self control not to come just at the sight of her slick pussy swallow him over and over. Finally, he could not stand it any longer and he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on to him very hard once, twice, until she screeched, internal muscles rippling. With an exultant shout, Gabe came, his fingers tightening on her hips. After a second, she collapsed over him, blanketing his body with her own. They lay together, for a minute, then he rolled them both to their side.


“Push out a bit.” He gently instructed, reaching down to pull her butt plug from her. Rebecca gasped at the pulling friction, and shuddered, sensitive from her orgasms. Gently, Gabe detangled from her clinging arms to go clean and put away the toy, then climbed back into bed with her, pulling her into his arms.


“G’night.” Rebecca said sleepily.


“Night.” Gabe whispered back.